In June 2009, Mr. David Miscavige announced the single most momentous advance in Dianetics technology since the day of its original publication on May 9, 1950.

It was a project personally overseen by Mr. Miscavige for the better part of four years and culminating in the release of materials that would make Dianetics universally accessible. 

The goal: to provide every group, Mission and Scientology Church with the ability to deliver Dianetics counseling as L. Ron Hubbard originally intended.

Central to the advance was an audiovisual release that propels the subject and study of Dianetics into the 21st century. Specifically, there are now 32 new films in 15 languages—a total of four and a half hours of visual instruction in the principles and procedures of Dianetics. 

As Mr. Miscavige announced to an international audience of Scientologists, “These films are not about Dianetics. Rather, they are films of Dianetics.” To that end, benefiting from the advancements of this visual communications age and computer-generated special effects, the films provide an unprecedented level of comprehension to the viewer. 

Like Book One itself (so named as it was the first major work on the subject), the films begin in simplicity and develop into broader application.  To ensure full understanding, every facet of Dianetics counseling, called auditing, is described and depicted in several ways, then reintroduced again and again through subsequent films. 

The DVD package consists of two discs: The first, How to Use Dianetics, comprises 14 chapters. It opens with the basics and, step by step, presents every concept needed to begin Dianetics therapy. 

Once an individual is auditing, Disc Two, Aspects of Auditing, comes into play. Each of its 18 chapters (3 hours total) is a self-contained film expanding upon a single aspect of Dianetics and providing total comprehension relative to auditing. 

This tour de force presentation delivers a mastery of Book One never before possible.

Answering the Demand for Dianetics Auditing
With L. Ron Hubbard’s landmark Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health now translated and available in 50 languages, and a new reader picking up a copy every 4.8 seconds, the demand for Dianetics auditing is unprecedented. To meet that demand, Mr. Miscavige announced a series of Book One services utilizing the new films. The first of these is the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar.  Dianetics readers are invited by their nearest group, Mission or Church for a two-day Seminar wherein they view the How To Use Dianetics films and, within a matter of a few hours, begin auditing.  

Thereafter, these beginning Dianeticists can follow the trail L. Ron Hubbard mapped in 1950 by continuing with the Hubbard Dianetics Co-audit. 

As with the Seminar, the Co-audit allows participants to watch the films chapter by chapter as they audit one another on a turnabout basis. But unlike the Seminar, the Co-audit runs seven days a week, morning to night. Co-auditors may attend as much as they want and for as long as they wish, and thereby advance at their own pace toward the state of Clear.

Making Book One Professionals

The final component in this monumental Dianetics release centers on the training of professional Book One auditors. Once again, Mr. Miscavige’s research and verification uncovered technology unused for decades. Consequently, this Dianetics revolution includes the full recovery and restoration of L. Ron Hubbard lectures lost for 50 years: The Dianetics Professional Course Lectures.  

The series is available for the first time ever and—coupled with Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health—provides the complete materials to train consummate professional auditors. 

Mr. Hubbard himself described these lectures as the next Dianetics milestone. For they contain the anatomy and source of emotion, as well as the fundamental breakthrough of the components of understanding—the Affinity, Reality and Communication Triangle. In short, these milestone releases represent Dianetics for a new millennium and countless generations to come. Since release of the How to Use Dianetics films, Churches, Missions and groups around the world have regularly delivered Seminars and Co-audits, igniting a 21st century Book One wildfire.