Welcome to the spiritual headquarters of Scientology—the new Flag Building.

This architectural and technical triumph culminates an era of unprecedented growth for our religion. All began with the launch of the crusade in the name of Ideal Organisations, now spanning five continents. What followed was the recovery of the very foundation of Scientology and the Golden Age of Knowledge; next, the recovery of every L. Ron Hubbard Introductory Route at the entrance gates to the Bridge; and then, nothing less than the recovery of the Bridge itself from bottom to top, ushering in our Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

Crowning it all came the release of L. Ron Hubbard technical breakthroughs never previously available—the Super Power and Cause Resurgence Rundowns—and the opening of this Church, the Ideal Org of Ideal Orgs.

Here is a place where we can now realise L. Ron Hubbard's vision for a better world at a magnitude commensurate with the technology itself.

This is the cornerstone of that new and better world.

This is the majesty of Scientology.

This is our cathedral.